What To Do in Edinburgh

Things to Do In Edinburgh

If you are planning a trip to Edinburgh then no doubt you have heard the buzz about the things happening in Park Place in Edinburgh. There are many great places for you to stay here, but once you have your hotel booked just what can you do to have some fun in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Castle

It can be quite an amazing site the first time you see Edinburgh Castle sitting on top of the hill. So why not talk a nice walk up to it and explore this amazing castle. Edinburgh Castle is one the most historic landmarks in all of Scotland so a trip to Edinburgh without visiting the castle would be a wasted opportunity.

Spooky Walk

Edinburg has all these really cool twisty and winding roads that look great in the day time, but at night they look like something out of a gothic horror movie. There are many spooky ghost walks that you can go on. Some will even take you into the creepy underground tunnels.

Edinburgh Festival

If you are going to Edinburgh during the summer months then you really owe it to your self to see the spectacle that is the Edinburgh Festival. This is the perfect blend of a traditional Scottish festival, but also caters for other people as well. Above all else it’s a ton of fun and people come from all across the globe to check out the world famous Edinburgh Festival.

Get A Kilt

More than just buying a kilt Edinburgh Old Town Weaving Co will not only sell you a kilt, but you can watch and learn how they actually make them.