Insurance for yacht buildersInsurance for yacht builders

What Can Yacht Builders Insurance Do for You?

You’ve spent years growing your business and honing your craft. You want to know that all your invested time and energy will be protected in the event of a disaster. Insurance for yacht builders can offer policies that fit your specific needs as a ship building company.

Builder’s Risk

Building ships is your livelihood. You want to know that the products of your hard work are covered in case of extreme weather or other unfortunate situations. Good property coverage can ensure compensation for any damaged works in progress.

Docks and Piers

Docks and piers are specialty business property that can drastically affect your business. Damage to these kinds of real estate can really set you back. The right insurance policy can provide the resources you need to recover without you having to dip into your rainy day fund.

Employee Coverage

Employee coverage is especially important in the ship building industry due to federal laws governing workers’ compensation. The United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Act requires a percentage of an employee’s wages to be paid during recovery from an injury incurred on the job, which can be a financial burden to a business already missing a laborer. Insurance can relieve that strain so you can focus on keeping your company running.

Insurance for yacht builders can provide the specific protection your business needs. Find peace of mind knowing that if disaster strikes, you won’t be left treading water.