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Watercraft Liability: Do You Need It?

As a business owner, your liability insurance coverage may have a far reach, but does it reach to your watercraft? In most situations, general liability does not extend to boats or other vessels. When you have a watercraft liability endorsement, however, you can have your coverage extended to cover any vessels. The question is, do you need it?

If you have a watercraft, then the answer is yes. Arroyo Insurance Services explains that you need to have general liability insurance if you plan to use that ship or vessel for business purposes. This could be as simple as entertaining your employees or hosting a company party on your vessel.

What Does Watercraft Liability Cover?

If you rent or own a vessel, you may be curious about what this extended coverage can do for you. Coverage may include the following:

  • Towing and wreckage removal
  • Fuel spill indemnification
  • General liability
  • Property damage coverage

Your coverage options will depend heavily on your circumstances and what you use your vessel for.

When you use a watercraft, there are a number of risks that you need to consider. With a watercraft liability endorsement, you don’t have to worry about your lacking coverage when you are on your vessel or when you need to use a watercraft for company purposes.