Employee Wellness

Using Employee Wellness to Drive Productivity and Morale

Employee benefit offerings have changed over the years. As the labor market tightened, employers found that employee benefits are a key area that factors into attraction and retention of talented workers. A newer trend is for employers to offer types of employee benefits that focus on the health and well-being of employees. Employee wellness programs are designed to improve the overall health of the employee population, help drive health insurance costs down, and increase job satisfaction.


Wellnesses programs help promote physical fitness and healthy nutrition habits. Employees with a regular exercise regimen and healthy eating habits are more productive, and a healthy, productive workforce helps improve the company’s bottom line.

Reduced Absenteeism

Many employee wellness programs focus on stress management and helping employees develop healthy habits to manage stress such as exercise. They also help employees manage chronic conditions and often are geared at preventing chronic conditions from developing in the first place. Healthy employees are absent from work less often due to sickness, and stress-related or chronic health conditions.

Increased Employee Morale

Health and wellness programs go a long way toward an employee feeling valued and appreciated by their employer. Happy employees create a positive effect on the company culture and have higher employee satisfaction with their job.

Employee wellness programs help a company take care of their most important asset – their employees.