Types of Staff for Assisted Living Facilities Workers Compensation

Assisted living facilities are generally a precursor to nursing facilities, in that the residents maintain their own homes and are relatively free from needing routine care. However, assisted living facilities employ a wider variety of staff, as these more able-bodied residents often have similar accouterments as those of a small town within their locale. Therefore, assisted living facilities workers comp is vitally important.


Many assisted living facilities have their own pools where residents can swim at their leisure. Some use the pool for simple exercise, while others use it for physical therapy. Lifeguards for assisted living facilities may sometimes need to assist residents who need acute care from falls, slips, or respiratory issues. If a lifeguard is injured while providing such services, they will need the benefits of assisted living facilities workers comp.

Kitchen Staff

Assisted living facilities often have their own restaurant or cafŽ for socialization and an easy way to dine out. Assisted living facilities workers comp is important for any kitchen employee who may acquire such injuries as burns, falls, or cuts. Kitchen staff can also include waiters, bussers, and front desk personnel.

Medical Professionals

On-site medical professionals can help residents of assisted living facilities who require simple care. This can range from assisting someone who has fallen down to providing physical therapy. These medical professionals have daily physical contact with residents and may suffer such injuries as strains and back pain.

Assisted living facilities workers comp helps any employee who injures him- or herself on the job. These workers provide important service to clients and may sometimes need care of their own.

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