Types of Auto Insurance Available to You

You probably don’t think about reviewing your car insurance coverage, but at least once a year you should take a look at your auto insurance in Savoy Illinois. Most people just look at the getting the cheapest premium to meet state requirements, but is that enough insurance to protect your financial risk in case of an accident? Talk to your insurance agent about the different types of coverage. Make sure you understand your insurance’s limits, what is covered, and what isn’t.


The most basic type of insurance is bodily injury and property damage liability. This covers the damage you do to others while operating your car. It does not cover your damage, whether medical or property. Comp & collision insurance is the coverage that protects you from loss. Collision covers your car’s damages in the event of an accident with another vehicle. Comp, or comprehensive, covers you for other damage like from vandalism, theft, or a fire.


Medical coverage insurance covers you and the occupants of your car in case of an accident. Uninsured motorist coverage provides protection in case you are hit by a driver without any insurance, or even one who is under-insured. A 2011 report in USA Today estimates that 15% of Illinois drivers do not have insurance.


Don’t take chances with your vehicle and get the auto insurance in Savoy Illinois to protect yourself on the road. Talk to your insurance agency to find the right protection.