Think Before Testing

No matter where you stand personally on the idea of legalizing marijuana, the fact remains that is it still federally illegal and is considered a Schedule 1 drug (right alongside heroin and meth). If you are a small business owner and are considering implementing workplace drug testing in 2019, ask yourself what your reason for doing so would be.

Do I Trust My Employees?

The million-dollar question: What is the difference between going home after a long day of work and cracking open a beer and smoking a joint? If you find that you are staffed with decent, hardworking people who do the best job they can do, why would you start testing them now? If they’ve never given you any reason to suspect they have caused an accident thanks to drug use, then remember what a no-tolerance policy could mean for your existing employees. You could lose an otherwise well-trusted member of your staff who you were not aware of is a recreational cannabis user. Unless everybody suddenly turned into irresponsible and reckless ruffians who make careless mistakes after careless mistakes, which, according to, can be expensive and dangerous, your employees might consider drug testing to be a bit of a slap in the face.
Put your faith in the people that you hired. You know their personalities beyond what a blood test might show. They are the people who help your business run smoothly.