septic tank insurance

The Value of a Tailored Insurance Plan for Septic Tank Companies

Working in the field of septic tank installation and maintenance can be a tough and dirty job. If you own or operate a septic tank company, free up your time and money from dealing with liability or workers compensation claims by investing in a strong septic tank insurance plan.

Protection for Your Employees

There can be many dangers present when installing a septic tank system. From collapsing soil to falling equipment, an improperly surveyed piece of land or faulty mechanism can mean physical injuries to your workers and potentially high medical claims to your business. A solid insurance policy can include liability protections in case of any accidents.

Protection for Your Clients

If you install a septic tank incorrectly on a client’s land, they could be at risk for injury or damage of their property. In addition, children and small animals like pets can be in danger of drowning or breaking limbs. While you review your company’s procedures for proper maintenance of septic tank units, a specialized insurance plan can protect you from the possible property or personal injury claims from clients.

Protection for Your Environment

Faulty septic tanks can become breeding grounds for a variety of contaminants and harmful microorganisms, which can sicken or kill humans, animals and plants if left unchecked. A septic tank insurance policy with inclusive coverage of environmental risk sectors can be a valuable investment.

Dependable septic tank insurance policies can add value to your business and even improve your reputation as they protect your business and the environment.