Bar Owner

How to Protect Against Risks As a Bar Owner

As a bar owner, you rely on your customers. Unfortunately, there are situations where a customer might file a lawsuit against you. This could happen due to an accident, a fight and more. Here is what you need to know about risk and how to protect your bar. Risks to Your Bar As a bar […]

Sewer Exposure Health Risks

Sewer Exposure Health Risks

Sanitation engineers are truly essential workers. Without them, city residents could not enjoy the most basic parts of the lifestyle they enjoy. Working in a water treatment plant is not easy, however, and the job comes with certain sewer exposure health risks. Here are some of the dangerous conditions these workers must face each day. […]

Music Venues

Liability Coverage for Music Venues

Operating a live music venue presents unique insurance coverage concerns. Music venues contend with hazards inherent to volumes of patrons, serving alcohol, and using complex staging and performance equipment. These activities require practical and responsible preparation. It’s important for live music venue operators to evaluate their facilities’ risk exposure get expert help to determine optimal […]