Fiduciary Insurance on Your Policy

When To Include Fiduciary Insurance on Your Policy

Being responsible for an entire business can be a lot sometimes. If you’re looking to go above and beyond when it comes to your insurance, for example, you need to dedicate time and energy when researching your options. Some industries require businesses operate with extra insurance policies that include coverage for directors and officers. However, […]

Manufacturing Liability Coverage

What Is Manufacturing Liability Coverage?

Manufacturers have always faced unique challenges when designing a risk management plan, even before the last few decades of industry globalization made issues of jurisdiction a major point of your insurance planning. Traditionally, there have been coverage options for third party liability to protect you from claims made by customers and others who use your […]

Valet Parking

How Can You Set Up Valet Parking?

If you want your event or business to have an elegant or upscale atmosphere, offering valet parking can create that tone. If you’re considering valet for your business or your event, there are a few tips on how to set up valet parking. How to Set Up Valet Parking To set up valet parking, you […]

Bar Owner

How to Protect Against Risks As a Bar Owner

As a bar owner, you rely on your customers. Unfortunately, there are situations where a customer might file a lawsuit against you. This could happen due to an accident, a fight and more. Here is what you need to know about risk and how to protect your bar. Risks to Your Bar As a bar […]

Design Firm

How To Protect Your Design Firm on a Legal Front

You never know when a simple error related to your business can spiral out of control. If you run a product design firm, for example, you need to take out a comprehensive insurance plan to protect you in the event of a legal complication. Should there be a design error in products you release to […]

Tow Truck Insurance

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Tow Truck Insurance

If you are the owner of a tow truck, you need to properly protect it in case something goes wrong. Part of this protection is having the right tow truck insurance. Tow truck insurance is a different thing than typical auto insurance.  Tow trucks require a specific set of coverages including something called on-hook insurance. […]

Maritime Regulations

Maritime Regulations You Must Know About

Owning a business that operates on or near a large body of water can bring about some unique obstacles. The ocean, for example, is a critical resource when it comes to the planet’s survival. Unfortunately, negligence over recent decades has seen endless toxic chemicals accidentally poured into the sea. To prevent this, or at least […]

Law Practice

Making Sure Your Law Practice Is Covered

Professional liability insurance or errors & omissions (E&O) coverage helps protect your law firm’s finances from claims that may arise due to errors and omissions generated by the people in your firm. As the owner of legal practice, you understand the importance of having a policy in place that protects your business interests, particularly your […]

Workers Comp

How a Captive Can Lower Workers Comp Costs

Companies that are required to provide workers compensation coverage find that such policies are a significant contributor to their overhead expenses.  Because of the liabilities that fall to the company even when there is no negligence on the account of the employer, many companies experience high claim volume. With the overall cost of the policy […]

Marina Operator's Liability

Liability Considerations for Marina Operators

Marinas offer a very specialized type of service and contend with many unique forms of risk exposure. Managers need to be vigilant about facility maintenance and emergency preparedness to avoid costly liability scenarios. Ongoing Maintenance Protecting your marina from liability requires careful attention to maintenance. Problems with docks or piles could result in personal injury […]