Agent Insurance Marketing

Sell More Policies by Establishing Specific Goals

Marketing your agency really shouldn’t be all that daunting a task. After all, you believe in the products and services being offered. The only drawback might be if you lack the necessary marketing experience. Agent Insurance Marketing takes time, a well-thought out plan, and proper execution of that plan. It’s really as simple as that.


Before getting started on your marketing strategy, it’s important that you first set your marketing goals. It is best to make specific goals, ones that are measurable, achievable, with a focus on getting the desired results. You’ll be able to measure your results based on these factors. Consider setting goals for producing, prospecting, sales production, cross-selling and retention areas. This will help drive your new marketing ideas and help you accomplish what you set out to do.


Create a marketing budget


Once having established exactly what your goals are, the next step is to make a marketing budget. Allocate a certain amount of money to spend for each marketing channel you want to utilize. It might help to look back on what you spent the previous year in order to get an estimate of what your current budget should be. If there were channels that didn’t perform well then consider cutting the budget in those areas in favor of something that may be more profitable.


Utilize social media


Having your own website is vital, of course, but make use of social media with its “built-in” audience. Nothing connects you quicker to prospects and possible customers than social media. There are many things your agency can take advantage of by utilizing social media ads and targeting people in your local community, for little or no cost.


You can even offer discounts to anyone who checks into your agency online. You can use your LinkedIn account and offer your expertise to others. All of these things are vital to your networking efforts and can help to get you more exposure for your business. You can even offer an incentive to your current clients to spread the word about your agency. There truly is no end to the ways in which Agent Insurance Marketing can help create more exposure and better results.


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