Restaurant insurance in Texas

Restaurant Coverage in the Lone Star State

Whether you own a family-style restaurant or offer the best of fine dining in Texas, you’ll want insurance to cover you when life catches you off guard. Severe storms often bring heavy rain, hail, and tornadoes to the Lone Star State. If severe weather damages your restaurant, you need an insurance company you’re confident will respond quickly and make the necessary repairs willingly. You also need insurance that will cover you and your employees should the restaurant remain closed while undergoing repairs. Full-coverage restaurant insurance in Texas will keep your mind at ease even during extended periods of severe spring weather.

While general liability and property insurance are givens, you may also consider adding non-owned automobile coverage to your policy. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, every 61 seconds in 2015, a reportable accident happened on Texas roads. If your employees drive their personal vehicles on company errands, non-owned automobile coverage will protect both you and your staff should an accident occur.

Restaurant insurance in Texas will reassure you in unanticipated crises. Whether nature threatens irreparable structural damage or an employee misses a stop sign while picking up the mail from the post office, having insurance coverage you can trust will leave you feeling confident even during the most unpredictable of circumstances.

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