Redirecting Marketing Energy from Google My Business During COVID-19

Many businesses have found marketing success by claiming and maintaining their Google My Business (GMB) profile. However, Google has reduced support for the program during increased demand for other services during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a little extra effort, you can expand awareness of your business through alternate channels while GMB support is lagging.

Go Where the People Are

With office workers and students turning to the internet to complete remote assignments, you have an opportunity to expand your reach to a whole new market.  Neilson Marketing Services offers some insight into how you can redirect your marketing efforts to minimize the impact of reduced GMB functionality.

  • Make frequent posts to your business social media accounts.
  • Produce and distribute relevant and engaging SEO content across multiple channels.
  • Ask customers to post reviews to social media sites instead of GMB.

Use the COVID-19 Updates Button

Google My Business has added a COVID-19 update button to listings. Use it to let the public know how your business has been impacted. Include changed hours, closings or expanded offerings like delivery and curbside pickup.

The crisis situation brought on by the global pandemic will not last forever. The steps you take now to counter marketing shortfalls will help you power through this downturn and position you for long-term success.