Quality Insurance for Nursing Homes: Why it Matters

America’s demographics are in an interesting period of transition in several regards, not the least of which is the combined effect of the aging baby boomer population and increased life expectancy. Nursing homes and other senior living facilities must take measures to ready themselves for these changes, and one important element of this preparation is finding insurance for nursing homes that will provide the coverage they need.

What Does Insurance for Nursing Homes Cover?

Areas of coverage included in the insurance plan will vary depending on the provider. The ideal coverage package will account for a wide range of liabilities facing nursing homes and assisted living communities, including:

  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Commercial property loss or damage
  • Automobile coverage
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Sexual abuse

Why Is This Coverage Important?

Perhaps more than ever before, the residents of these senior living facilities seek an independent and active lifestyle. Insurance agents for senior living facilities are aware of this trend, and seek quality insurance to meet the new risks involved. Without proper coverage, however, facilities are often unable to fully accommodate the interests of residents. For example, the nursing home’s commercial vehicles must be properly insured if the facility is to be able to offer trips. Without automobile coverage, these trips may not be feasible.

Getting the Right Coverage

It is vitally important that nursing homes and assisted living facilities receive the fullest coverage possible. Insurance for nursing homes can protect these facilities from claims and losses, and allows them to focus on their full-time job of improving their residents’ quality of life.

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