Providing Contract Service Without Skimping on Liability Coverage

staffing agency insurance
staffing agency insurance

Staffing agencies fulfill a unique role in the business world. They are able to connect prospective employees with jobs that are specifically suited to their individual needs and skill sets. This allows business owners to have quick access to people who have already been through an initial interview process. The role of such agencies is well known, but what some people are not aware of is who accepts liability for temporary employees? Staffing agency insurance is required by most potential clients so that no employee is without necessary coverage.


Risk Protection


Workplaces of all varieties have specific and non-specific hazards. Risks faced by both worker and employer can include:


  • Industrial accident
  • Dangerous workplace hazards
  • Harassment
  • Auto-related incidents
  • Contract liability


The right insurance can provide the same level of protection for both employee and employer when working with a staffing agency as if using traditional hiring methods.


Providing a Secure Work Place


In order for a candidate to agree to work with a staffing company, that person needs to know that he or she has access to the same rights that direct-hire workers have. Things such as a fair wage, protection from harassment, and worker’s compensation are required by law to be provided for all workers. Likewise, potential employees also want to have coverage against temporary workers who may try to take advantages of the system or abuse others in the workplace. For these reasons and more, staffing agency insurance is crucial.