builders risk insurance in New York

Protection For Construction Workers

If you are working on a construction project, builders risk insurance in New York is exactly what you need to protect your time, materials, and building. Plans are available for single projects or projects with multiple locations. This insurance is perfect for a small contractor, a commercial construction company, and anything in between. Consider all the ways that insurance can help your construction project.

1. Structure

If something were to happen to the building that you were constructing or renovating, insurance could provide compensation for your time spent working on the building and your progress toward completing the project.

2. Materials

Builders risk insurance in New York can protect your construction project against material damage. Natural disasters, vandalism, or theft could harm the items you need to complete your project. Let insurance cover you.

3. Soft Costs

The costs not directly related to construction costs, such as architectural or legal fees, are called soft costs. Insurance may be able to protect these expenses, as well. Talk to your insurer about the additional fees that you would like covered under your insurance plan.

Business risk insurance in New York will protect you and your construction project. Do not waste your time, effort, materials, and money. Find an insurance plan that fits your needs as you build new buildings and restore existing ones.