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Protecting Your Long-Term Care Facility From a Blizzard

When inclement weather hits your area, you need to be prepared to keep your long-term care facility safe from danger. Whether you’re expecting heavy snowfall or a blizzard, it’s crucial to be properly equipped to handle it. Here are some tips that can help long term care facilities preparing for blizzards to find peace of mind.

Have a Backup Generator

Damage resulting from a power outage may affect the following parts of your facility:

  • Refrigeration
  • Heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting

To keep harm at bay, make sure you’re equipped with a working backup generator before the storm begins. It’s also good practice to have enough food and water available in case a failed generator limits access to refrigerated food items.

Create an Emergency Plan

Forming a reliable emergency plan is a crucial step for long term care facilities preparing for blizzards. Make sure you consider the needs of your residents to identify the most effective way to handle an emergency. Anything from medication to special equipment should be taken into account during this step.

Research conducted by Caitlin Morgan Insurance demonstrates that preparation is crucial during a winter storm. By considering the needs of your residents and ensuring that you have the proper coverage, you can handle any emergency like an expert.