collectors car insurance

Protecting and Caring for Your Exotic Car

Most classic car owners treat their vehicles with special care, which limits the owner’s liability exposure to some degree. Many collectible cars may not be in ready condition, requiring time and money to get them on the road. As the owner, you will still need to protect your investment. Some policies purchased will cover vehicles in the process of restoration.

Practicing safe driving is essential for all drivers, but for owners of classic cars the stakes are higher. When you take your classic vehicle for a spin, keep in mind that you may have more to lose than the average motorist, in terms of property damage. The cost of replacement parts is often higher, not to mention parts may be difficult, if not impossible to find. Avoid perilous situations and exercise good judgment. Before you get behind the wheel make sure to have a collectors car insurance policy in place.

Obey traffic laws and drive cautiously

Driving a vehicle has become a bit more perilous since cell phones. Other drivers may not be giving their full attention to the road. For you, driving too closely, or too quickly behind another car can be a recipe for disaster. If the driver should suddenly hit the brakes it will likely result in a collision, and this will cost you a lot more than them in repairs in most instances.

Driving too slowly can be just as dangerous as driving faster than the posted limit. This can cause a traffic snarl where motorists begin jockeying for position when they see another vehicle moving much more slowly. Always try to drive with the flow of traffic, and if another car clearly wishes to move at a faster pace, the best thing to do is to move to the right and allow them to pass.

Failing to signal to other motorists is another recipe for disaster. Other motorists often drive too fast, plus they can’t be expected to know the intentions of other drivers. Whether planning on making a right turn, or about to change lanes, always use signals to alert other drivers so that they know what to expect. Signaling is especially important for the safety of motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Practicing safe driving habits whenever behind the wheel makes the most sense, and even at your safest, accidents can still occur, which is reason enough to have collectors car insurance for your classic vehicle.