boat manufacturer insurance

Protect Your Business and Focus on Your Craft

Craftsmanship is incredibly important when it comes to working as someone who specializes in the building of yachts and other vessels. While knowing your craft is crucial, you also need to take time to look into additional ways to protect your business. When something goes awry on a job, it can be a lifesaver to have boat manufacturer insurance.

Basic Plan Coverage

The risks that you face as a builder of yachts and boats can be quite unique to your specific line of work. Due to this, the average policy will cover the most common dangers you may encounter. Each boat you work on will be covered by your plan from the moment you begin work until it is given over to the client, including during any tests conducted on the water.

Options for Your Industry

While this level of coverage is helpful, there are other areas where boat manufacturer insurance can prove beneficial.

Additional areas of coverage often include:

Personal property of the business owner
Dock and pier coverage
Inventory protection
Coverage against crimes and theft
Intense weather patterns and floods

By taking out a comprehensive policy, you will feel much more confident in your ability to focus on delivering the best possible products to your clients. Reach out to an agent to learn more about your options with boat manufacturer insurance.