Insurance for nursing homes

Property Insurance and Other Related Healthcare Coverages

While the number one concern that your clients in the nursing home profession should always be the care of their residents, they also have concerns about the property where residents reside. They need to ensure that their patients get the quality care and living conditions they deserve. Insurance for nursing homes that addresses property coverage that will provide financial protection against loss or damage to the organization’s buildings, contents and more is crucial as well.


The building and its equipment are vital in providing comfort to those in the care of your clients. If an important piece of machinery, for example, an air conditioning unit, were to suddenly stop working during an intense summer month, it could go from uncomfortable to unbearable in a matter of hours. This is especially in the case of senior citizens, or persons in particularly frail condition or bad health. Property insurance can help get an out of commission unit repaired or replaced quickly, returning the facility to an inhabitable condition in no time.


Giving them the protection they need


As an underwriter, you’ll want to get your clients the most comprehensive insurance policy, including coverage for nearly every type of loss, outside of anything that is specifically excluded. Most policies should be designed to include coverage for standard items, along with many non-standard items, such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs), equipment breakdown, including computers, boilers, and electrical equipment, any newly acquired or constructed property, as well as any indirect loss, including coverage for a crisis event, communicable disease and contaminated food. They will likely benefit from a policy that addresses when building updates become required by ordinance following a covered loss.


Your nursing home community owners and home care providers have at their advantage the ability to also elect to add additional coverages to their policy for even greater property protection. Crime coverage for losses resulting from theft, employee dishonesty, computer fraud, forgery and alteration, inland marine, business expense, green upgrade coverage (for environmental concerns), and a host of other policies as part of their insurance for nursing homes, all designed to keep their facility up and running.

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