wind/hail insurance

Prepare for Spring Storms

For all the roses and tulips that pop up in the springtime, it’s easy to forget that Mother Nature has a dark side. The weather is unpredictable during the spring months, so prepare yourself for any surprises that it might throw at you.

Wind/Hail Insurance and Home Prep

Strong winds and heavy hail can do a number on your home. Your roof, windows or deck can suffer extreme damage after a particularly nasty storm. Protect yourself from outrageous repair expenses by investing in wind/hail insurance. It is a better idea to have it and never need it than to find yourself in a financial crisis. Don’t forget to prepare your home for a storm:

Clear out gutters and waterspouts.

Know how to work the fuse box.

Cut back any tree branches that could damage your house.

Have screens and shutters installed to protect your windows.

Stock Up

Prepare for a potential long-term power outage by having extra necessities on hand. These can include:

Spare outfits for every member of the family.

Canned goods and non-perishable food. (And an extra can opener, just in case.)

Bottled water to last at least a week.

First-aid supplies like bandages, antibiotic ointment, medicines and sterile medical gloves.

Storms can be scary, but being prepared ahead of time can make them easier to withstand.