Insurance Policy

Picking the Right Insurance Policies for Your Store

It is never a bad idea to consider beefing up or reviewing your store’s insurance policies. The experts at Irving Weber Associates, know all about convenience store insurance and understand what policies are worth picking out. Here are just a few policies they consider crucial when running this kind of establishment.

Liquor Liability

It is likely that liquor is a big part of your store’s income. Unfortunately, these sales could lead to incidents or accidents which could then result in claims and lawsuits against your establishment. Liquor liability can assist you with the economic consequences of these types of situations. This insurance is even more important considering many states require this insurance.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance is one of those policies that you might not consider until it is too late. Simply think about the many spills and accidents that can occur at any time while your convenience store is operating. Avoid unforeseen financial hits by making sure this policy is in your insurance plan.

General Liability

General liability insurance is typically one of the first policies that are offered to businesses.  Besides accidents that could happen to workers, there could be accidents involving clients. It is crucial to read the fine print of your insurance contract to understand what kinds of incidents are covered for your business.