Think Before Testing

No matter where you stand personally on the idea of legalizing marijuana, the fact remains that is it still federally illegal and is considered a Schedule 1 drug (right alongside heroin and meth). If you are a small business owner and are considering implementing workplace drug testing in 2019, ask yourself what your reason for […]

Insurance Coverage Contractors Need

No matter the industry you work in, it is crucial for all companies and contractors to have insurance. This is particularly true of artisan contractors. The experts at define artisan contractors as those who are involved in a variety of aspects of construction. These contractors may include electricians, plumbers, landscapers or roofing experts. No […]

Three Key Insurance Coverage For Truckers

Owning a trucking company is a risky proposition. With such risks, it’s imperative that you carry an appropriate amount of insurance to protect your investment. If you’re unsure about where to start, here are three basic coverages that you should plan on including in your policy. Truck Cargo Insurance As seen on, cargo insurance […] helps mitigate the financial loss

What to Know About Heavy Equipment Insurance

Your business likely has quite a few expensive equipment items to help manufacture, ship, distribute or operate the business. Regardless of the industry, insuring expensive equipment with helps mitigate the financial loss when the equipment doesn’t work properly or is stolen. Typical Exposures Protecting your equipment ahead of time can lessen the surprise when […]

Merrimac Marine

Handling Unexpected Damage to Your Watercraft

When it comes to marine activities and watercraft, it can be rewarding to enjoy the water, scenery and overall vibe of being out in the open water. With all the enjoyment that comes from these types of recreational activities, the potential risks involved may not necessarily be the primary thing that comes one’s mind. However, […]

group medical services dental claims

Does Your Group Medical Plan Fit Your Needs?

Your employees take such good care of your company by giving their jobs their all every day. It only makes sense that you’d want to take care of them in return. Comprehensive medical plans that truly cover their needs are definitely the way to go. Ensure your group medical services dental claims packages meet all […]

Northstar Insurance

Coverage for Contractors

Contractors help to create structures and implement projects that make an everyday living not only possible but often improved and perfected over the years. Buildings, interior upgrades, and other construction jobs can be attributed to the expertise of these professionals. However, regardless of the numerous contributions, this industry makes nationally and even worldwide, these types […]

Caitlin Morgan

Three Types of Dark Web Crime Threatening Your Company

The global economy has been revolutionized by the influence of technology. With these advancements have come new threats related to cybersecurity and data breaches. For those who use cloud-based servers or conduct online financial transactions, Caitlin Morgan strongly recommends adding cyber insurance to your liability protection plan. Hackers, extortioners, and thieves are waiting to take […]

Agency Tsunami Tools

The Necessary Tools for Digital Marketing

When you think about your digital marketing needs, you probably imagine your content, your keyword usage, and your social media profiles. Have you considered how you’ll manage everything, though? Digital marketing is about more than excellent content. You also need ways to manage it, such as a group of Agency Tsunami tools. Check out this […]

commercial package policy

How To Get Customized Business Insurance

General business liability coverage is great for companies with very basic needs, but it’s designed for simple operations like storefronts that serve the public. When you need additional coverage that reflects the complex needs of a multifaceted company, you need an insurer who is capable of putting together a complex piece of policy that brings […]