3 Reasons To Buy Comprehensive Small Business Insurance

As a busy small business owner, you are likely constantly looking for ways to improve business processes without blowing your tight budget. One way to improve practices is to purchase all your small business insurance coverage at the same place, such as Here are three reasons diligent small business owners opt for comprehensive coverage. […]

workers’ compensation programs

Programs Over and Above Workers’ Compensation Insurance

An insurance agent’s job is to find clients affordable workers’ compensation coverage, but what about education. Is that your job, too? No, but if you can hook your clients up with a broker that offers workers’ compensation programs, you’ll have very happy customers. Abuse and Fraud Prevention The first program many brokers offer is abuse […]

nightclubs insurance

Do You Really Need Insurance for Your Nightclub?

As a nightclub owner, you have a lot of expenses to take care of. Your primary responsibility is to keep your clients happy, so you may be tempted to focus all your attention on improving the atmosphere of your club. However, until you have a good nightclubs insurance policy in place, everything else doesn’t really […]

NorthStar Insurance of New England,

How Working With the Right Insurance Partner Helps You

Purchasing insurance isn’t high on the list of things most people enjoy doing. Still, to safeguard your health, home, car, and other essentials, you need a comprehensive insurance package. While it can be tempting to use a large, multi-national, impersonal insurer, doing so is often a mistake. Instead, by working with a skilled partner, such […]

workers’ comp MGA

You Need a Managing General Agency on Your Side

A managing general agent is a business that does more than simply broker insurance coverage. These agencies specialize in certain coverage types, such as workers’ compensation insurance. The goal of a workers’ comp MGA is to educate and mitigate insurance loss, which is why you need one on your side. Experience Counts Experience counts in […]

Creating Dependable Coverage and Excellent Service

North Star Agency prides itself in providing every client with the great customer service they deserve. If you own multiple restaurants or are buying your first home, you can trust that we can work towards building the best coverage for your needs and for your budget. Since 1995, we have provided New England residents and […]

commercial laundry business ideas

Laundry Service Ideas to Grow Your Company

When you want to build your laundry business, you need a good strategy and a solid business plan. Like most businesses, you want to be able to stand out among the rest. To do this, you sometimes need to offer different services or come up with creative commercial laundry business ideas. If you’re stuck for […]

Boat insurance in California

Factors that Impact Your Boat Insurance Policy

When it comes to insurance, many factors go into getting the best all-around coverage. Boat insurance in California is no different. Here are some of those factors. Cost Factors There are many different factors to weigh in, when it comes to the cost of your policy. Here are some of the factors that people don’t […]

coverage for civil monetary penalties

Benefits of Civil Monetary Penalty Insurance

Since the Great Recession of 2008 and the financial crisis that ensued, bank officers and directors have invested in coverage for civil monetary penalties. The necessity for coverage is due to the increasing risks the top executives of financial institutions have incurred since 2008. Beyond financial institutions, directors and officers of healthcare corporations have seen […]

employee benefits liability insurance

Close the Liability Gap with Employee Benefits Coverage

Liability coverage included in a business insurance policy is hardly a catch-all for your staffing insurance needs. General liability plans–as well as errors and omissions policies or endorsements–provide for coverage against claims by third parties, typically customers or clients. Glaringly absent is any coverage against claims by a firm’s own employees, both temporary and full-time. […]