fine dining insurance

Non-Standard Coverages Your Restaurant Needs

If you have a standard fine dining insurance policy, it may cover your restaurant against the costs of property damage, commercial vehicle accidents, and injury on your property. While that is a good start, consider what would happen to your business’ bottom line if your catering team made a mistake or if your cooks accidentally contaminated your food.

Standards fine dining insurance may not cover the costs your business may incur in these unfortunate circumstances. However, additional coverage is available for more comprehensive policies. For example, food contamination could shut down your business for a while and harm your reputation. A great plan will pay for the loss of business profits for the days you are closed as well as the cost of hiring a firm to repair your reputation.

A comprehensive plan may also protect your business against inflation. Furthermore, if your catering employees make a mistake that leads to a lawsuit, your policy may cover the cost to hire a legal team and any settlement you may owe. There are plenty of plans available for your matchless business.

You can also purchase liquor liability coverage, employee benefits liability, and employee dishonesty coverage. The restaurant business is unique and risky. Make sure your investment is protected with a plan that covers much more than the basics.