workers’ comp MGA

You Need a Managing General Agency on Your Side

A managing general agent is a business that does more than simply broker insurance coverage. These agencies specialize in certain coverage types, such as workers’ compensation insurance. The goal of a workers’ comp MGA is to educate and mitigate insurance loss, which is why you need one on your side.

Experience Counts

Experience counts in this business, and an MGA has the resources to offer benefits that make your job much easier. For example, the best workers’ comp MGA companies can

Control all underwriting in-house
Offer stronger marketplace leverage
Provide quick quotes with flexible payment schedules
Provide risk management education and services
Work with A-rated carriers throughout the nation

All of this gives you the ability to find the perfect workers’ compensation coverage for your clients at affordable prices, which is crucial to your small business customers.

Additional Services

An MGA can offer additional services that help your clients reduce their insurance losses. Such programs include

• Abuse prevention
• Fraud prevention
• OSHA compliance
• Safety

All of this prevents job-related accidents and illnesses, which stems losses. When you add a return-to-work program designed to process a workers’ compensation claim quickly and get an injured or ill employee back to work, you understand why having a workers’ comp MGA in your corner benefits you because they help you benefit your clients.