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What You Need to Know About Mobile Home Insurance

Owning a mobile home is no different from owning a site-built-home. Both types of houses need to be properly insured. However, there are a few things to consider before purchasing mobile home insurance in CT.

The structure of mobile homes differs from that of permanent homes. Mobile homes are not anchored to the ground with a foundation, which makes them more prone to lifting up due to natural disasters, such as tornadoes or hurricanes. The materials that are being used to build mobile homes are not as resilient as the cement and brick that is used for permanent structures. The same goes for the roofs of mobile homes, which are more likely to take damage due to hail and storm. Furthermore, the lack of good insulation in mobile homes comes with a greater risk of frozen pipes during winter, and therefore, broken pipes and damage due to leakage are more likely. If you live in a mobile home community, you are probably aware that theft and vandalism are quite common. This can be explained with the fact that there is more foot traffic in these kind of neighborhoods, but it could also be due to the absence of good home security systems.

An excellent policy package should not only cover the structure of your home, it should also encompass liability, personal property and medical payments protection. When purchasing insurance in CT, it is recommended to also purchase trip collision coverage in case you intend to move your house to a new location.

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