Maritime Regulations

Maritime Regulations You Must Know About

Owning a business that operates on or near a large body of water can bring about some unique obstacles. The ocean, for example, is a critical resource when it comes to the planet’s survival. Unfortunately, negligence over recent decades has seen endless toxic chemicals accidentally poured into the sea. To prevent this, or at least reduce the odds, governing bodies across the planet have put key regulations in place that businesses must adhere to.

A Fast Response

Perhaps the biggest point that a maritime business must take into account is ocean spill response & cleanup. When your team takes a look at the gauges on the ship and realizes that there is something amiss, it can lead to fluids being jettisoned or fuel leaking. This can happen due to faulty equipment, a hull breach, or another common source. No matter the cause, you absolutely need to have a plan in place for getting experts out on the water fast to clean the mess. This is where your insurance comes into play. Your package should always include:

  • Coverage in the event of a spill
  • Policies dictated by local and federal regulations
  • Protection for employees working on the ships or docks

Proper Protection

There are plenty of points to think about when selecting insurance. Find the best policy for your business by considering all of the specific risks that your maritime company is likely to face and discover the right fit.