Law Practice

Making Sure Your Law Practice Is Covered

Professional liability insurance or errors & omissions (E&O) coverage helps protect your law firm’s finances from claims that may arise due to errors and omissions generated by the people in your firm. As the owner of legal practice, you understand the importance of having a policy in place that protects your business interests, particularly your finances from litigation due to mistakes and oversight in the work of your attorneys, paralegals, and other personnel.

Coverage Tailored to Your Large Firm

The reality of professional liability is that bigger law firms need special coverages. Bigger contracts, more practice areas as well as greater staff numbers make it incumbent upon you to look for policies that meet the specific needs for your firm with fifty or more attorneys. Look for coverages that address these special concerns:

  • Larger policy limits
  • Availability of aggregate limits
  • The claims-made policy drafted on indemnity and defense policy documents
  • Consideration of primary or excess layers
  • Consideration of all practice areas
  • Consideration of all jurisdictions
  • Specific language tailored to firm-specific risks

E&O Coverage from Experts

You wouldn’t recommend a client seeking particular legal services to hire an attorney. You would recommend legal counsel from a licensed provider with demonstrated experience and success handling cases related to a relevant area of practice. Similarly, you should trust your E&O coverage to a provider with a proven record in meeting the professional liability insurance needs of a large law firm.