liquor liability insurance for bars

Liquor Liability Coverage Protects Your Establishment When a Good Time Goes Bad

Despite numerous laws regarding alcohol use, and despite anti-drunk driving campaigns, there are still countless accidents involving drunk drivers and intoxicated pedestrians. Unfortunately, when accidents do happen, they are serious and usually result in grave injury, long-term disability or even death. Victims, survivors and their lawyers tend to look for a scapegoat—someone or some entity to assume liability for the accident and pay up. That scapegoat usually turns out to be the liquor establishment. For this reason, any establishment that serves alcohol to the public needs to protect itself with liquor liability insurance for bars.

While the owners and barkeepers of liquor establishments do their best to control how much alcohol is served to each individual, it can be difficult to keep up with every patron. Additionally, because every person’s limit is different, the barkeep might not realize a person is intoxicated until it is too late. These factors make it difficult for them to mitigate risks on their own.

Hospitality insurance programs are designed to protect liquor establishments from a severe financial loss when accidents happen that are beyond their control. Moreover, knowledgeable insurance agents can help owners implement sound loss prevention policies to mitigate risks. Finally, liquor liability insurance for bars can provide the coverage necessary to pay for a proper investigation and any other expenses related to a claim.

Whether you own a bar or pub or are thinking about opening one, you can protect your investment and your financial future with the right insurance policy.