Marina Operator's Liability

Liability Considerations for Marina Operators

Marinas offer a very specialized type of service and contend with many unique forms of risk exposure. Managers need to be vigilant about facility maintenance and emergency preparedness to avoid costly liability scenarios.

Ongoing Maintenance

Protecting your marina from liability requires careful attention to maintenance. Problems with docks or piles could result in personal injury or damage to a vessel. Docks need to be carefully maintained, and their condition must be compliant with all applicable local regulations.

Emergency Preparedness

Marinas need to have emergency preparedness plans for extreme weather events. Emergency plans may require owners to secure or move their vessels.

Environmental Safety Initiatives

An environmental problem such as an oil or fuel leak could necessitate a costly cleanup. Marinas need policies about how materials may be delivered onsite and how cleanups will be handled in the event that there is an accident.

Requirements for Lessees

Marina slip lessees or owners should be required to maintain their own insurance policies as a condition of their lease agreement or the marina’s rules and regulations. The marina should establish minimum coverage requirements and request to be named as an additional insured or interested party.

In addition to implementing several important risk mitigation strategies, marina operators need to safeguard their operations with comprehensive insurance coverage.