insurance for contractors in Clifton New Jersey

Keeping Contractors Covered in Clifton

Having a construction business can be rewarding but it is not without certain risks. The day to day tasks of your laborers is varied, as are the problems that can arise. Construction sites can be a dangerous place, particularly for visitors at the job site who aren’t familiar with your safety procedures. Finding insurance for contractors in Clifton, New Jersey is an important part of operating your construction business.

You know you need insurance but the numerous options available may seem overwhelming. Understanding what is out there and how it benefits your business is a big part of the process.
A good place to start is selecting a commercial general liability policy that provides coverage for things like third party injuries and potential lawsuits. There are varying levels of coverage available. There are additional coverages to consider in addition to a general liability policy. A pollution policy may be applicable to your business and would help cover different pollutants that you expose to the environment. With new and aggressive regulations, it is wise to discuss any concerns you have your insurance company. When searching for insurance for contractors in Clifton, New Jersey, finding a company that also offers surety bonds, builder’s risk, and other industry specific plans can help keep your business in operation when accidents and other issues arise.