Keeping Builders on the Job with Good Insurance

Construction insurance New York
Construction insurance New York

Construction jobs bring up various insurance issues not applicable in most fields. There are physical dangers on job site, and there are chances for mistakes that will affect the longevity and safety of a structure where people would be living or working. Theft and vandalism may also issues, and personnel issues apply as everywhere. Good construction insurance in New York begins with the basics:

  • General liability
  • Property liability
  • Worker’s compensation


Keeping the Job Going


Construction jobs keep many blue collar families going, and investment in new construction by developers each year is considerable. Setbacks on the job can become a giant financial hurdle. That’s why general contractors need a full package of insurance policies. Specialists know how to build packages of construction insurance in New YorkCity. General liability is important on a job where people are working off the ground and using sharp tools, moving heavy loads around. Injuries can and will happen on occasion, and the contractor needs to be ready. Luckily, workers compensation will pay for people who lose time to on the job injuries.


Coverage of all the Details


Covering possible injuries is the easy part. Insurance experts know to look for other issues when arranging policies of construction insurance in New York. Construction tradesmen need to feel safe leaving their gear overnight on a job site, so that can be covered by a policy too. If mobile equipment is stolen, business interruption policies may also help keep things going. In his own way, a good insurance agent will help keep the construction project moving towards completion.

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