Tattoo Parlors

Ink and Insurance: What Tattoo Parlors Need to Know

In recent years, tattoo parlors have established a solid business reputation in the body-art culture. People of all ages and all walks of life are getting tattoos, and the popular trend does not appear to be fading. In fact, in this time of COVID-19, people are patiently waiting to get inked by their favorite artists. As business flourishes, it’s increasingly important that shop owners understand tattoo business liability and the need for solid insurance coverage.

Protect Your Art and Your Investment

Here are two unique areas of liability for tattoo shops:

  • Injury and infection: Health issues caused by an unsafe environment or improperly sanitized equipment
  • Malpractice: Poor quality artwork that people can’t easily remove

Business owners must also consider all of the standard insurance liabilities, such as workers’ compensation, professional liability, building and property coverage, and other significant risk areas. A good reputation is a hallmark for tattoo artists. A parlor that does not value high standards for the health and safety of its customers will have a difficult time competing in the industry as it grows. Proper insurance coverage goes a long way in assuring people you stand behind your product.

Tattoo business liability is an important concern for any shop owners seeking to grow their customer base. A comprehensive business insurance plan gives you the freedom to create your art with peace of mind.