Scaffolding Safety Tips

Important Scaffolding Safety Tips for Project Managers

Improper use of scaffolds can cause serious accidents and even fatalities on a construction site. Project managers need to be attentive to how scaffolding equipment is set up and how workers perform tasks while using them.

Planking and Supports

Structural stability is one of the most fundamental elements of scaffolding safety. Equipment must be positioned on weighted bases. Planking materials must be flat, even, and carefully secured.


Even very tightly secured planking cannot support significant imbalances in weight. When workers move materials onto a scaffolding structure, they have to take precautions about distributing weight evenly. In addition, it is important to monitor the number of workers on a single structure.


Workers who will be performing any type of task on a scaffold should undergo some form of safety training. Training topics should include moving on and off of structures, carrying up tools and equipment, and exercising situational awareness.

OSHA Standards

Project managers must closely follow all of OSHA’s directives about erecting and moving scaffolding equipment. Strict adherence to all applicable regulations and working with trained scaffolding professionals will help to ensure Jobsite safety.

Ultimately, using good quality materials and taking exceptional care with installation can improve scaffolding safety on job sites. Project managers have to be vigilant about maintaining safe conditions, following OSHA guidelines and training workers on accident prevention.