Insurance Coverages

Important Insurance Coverages for Your Hotel or Lodging Business

Running a successful lodging business means having high occupancy numbers thanks to regular booking by travelers. A well-appointed hotel or motel that is welcoming, affordable, clean and safe is attractive to guests from all over. As the owner, you know the importance of purchasing insurance products that help manage your operational risks as well as protect against possible lawsuits or claims from guests to your property. Do you have the sufficient hotel and lodging insurance coverages to protect your business?

Protecting Your Hotel

A complete insurance package for your business typically includes the following policies:

  • Property – Protection against damage to your property and its content from theft and certain weather events
  • General Liability – Covers injuries or damages to third parties caused or experienced by guests on your property
  • Innkeeper’s Legal Liability – Additional protection that may be required in some states
  • Commercial Auto – Covers the operation of vehicles for business, like a hotel shuttle
  • Catastrophic Risks – May be necessary in geographic areas that are prone to certain disasters such as earthquakes, flooding or volcanic eruptions, for example

Other types of coverage may be necessary given the specific needs and details of your hotel/lodging business, such as workers’ compensation, cybersecurity insurance, liquor liability and others.

Covering Your Six

A lawsuit based on uncovered damage has the potential to ruin your business. Don’t just stop at offering superior accommodations. Make sure your operations are covered with the right products. You owe it to yourself, your employees and your customers as well.