commercial package policy

How To Get Customized Business Insurance

General business liability coverage is great for companies with very basic needs, but it’s designed for simple operations like storefronts that serve the public. When you need additional coverage that reflects the complex needs of a multifaceted company, you need an insurer who is capable of putting together a complex piece of policy that brings together all the coverage types you need. That custom insurance is usually called a commercial package policy, and the options you can bundle into it vary a lot from insurer to insurer.

Insurance Packages That Grow With You

Most companies outgrow general liability insurance as soon as they get an asset, but there are a lot of business policies that cover your basic equipment and building.

Customized packages allow you to bring together even more areas of coverage, including:

Business interruption and extra expense
Property liability and damage
Business auto insurance
Equipment breakdown
Inland marine insurance

When you put together a package policy, you get to avoid shopping for each individual policy you need for a piece of equipment or a building, covering the entire range of assets owned by your company. This provides a lot of economic benefits beyond the basic savings that come from getting multiple insurance types through a single provider.

Streamline Your Administrative Work

It takes a lot less time to manage one complex policy that is designed to cover all your liabilities and foreseeable accidents than it is to manage separate policies for each asset or location. Look into your options for a commercial package policy today.