Valet Parking

How Can You Set Up Valet Parking?

If you want your event or business to have an elegant or upscale atmosphere, offering valet parking can create that tone. If you’re considering valet for your business or your event, there are a few tips on how to set up valet parking.

How to Set Up Valet Parking

To set up valet parking, you will need the right equipment. Equipment includes:

  • Podiums
  • Valet signs
  • Radios

In addition to equipment, you should have enough parking to hold all of the vehicles. If you have a restaurant or bar, it should be easy for you to use your parking garage or parking lot. If you are hosting an event at a house or other business, make sure that you have adequate parking for the event.

How to Insure Valet Parking

When you set up valet parking for your business or event, you need to consider the liabilities involved. Insurance coverage for valet parking needs to include injuries to any person or property on the premises. Coverage can also cover damages that occur in the garage where the car is held. These two coverages are garage keeper’s liability and general liability coverage.

To set up valet parking can completely change the tone of your business. When you have an event, guests are more likely to feel like they are having a special night out.