CT home insurance

Is Your Home Insurance Policy Providing Enough Coverage?

Too often homeowners discover that their CT home insurance policy doesn’t fully cover the value of their property and assets until after disaster strikes. A storm, burglar or fallen tree doesn’t schedule ahead; instead, you need home insurance that is tailored to the true value of your property, from top to bottom.

When meeting with your broker, you’ll go through your home, carefully assessing the cost of the materials, the construction and the valuables inside. From there, your broker can offer a variety of coverage options that suit your needs. At the very minimum, you should start with a basic personal liability policy, protecting you against injury and damages that occur on your property. From there, you can build a policy that meets your specific needs.

After assessing the value of your structure, consider a Replacement Cost extension to your CT home insurance policy. With this, you’ll be covered for the full cost of home reconstruction, built to the standards of the original. Additionally, you can add Replacement Value coverage to your personal property. This ensures you receive the original value of your assets without depreciation. Finally, some properties with high-risk assets such as swimming pools and work sheds should consider special coverage to ensure the entirety of the home is protected.

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