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Handling Unexpected Damage to Your Watercraft

When it comes to marine activities and watercraft, it can be rewarding to enjoy the water, scenery and overall vibe of being out in the open water. With all the enjoyment that comes from these types of recreational activities, the potential risks involved may not necessarily be the primary thing that comes one’s mind. However, the reality is that being involved in an accident can be costly and stressful especially without the support of an adequate insurance policy and other protective measures. In order to brace yourself for what a marine insurance surveyor might conclude after an accident, it can be helpful to be aware of the types of accidents that may occur aboard your watercraft and the proper strategy to handle them.

Types of Damage

While many people are familiar with the benefits of owning a watercraft, some may not be as familiar with the liabilities that are inherent with ownership. Merrimac Marine points out the type of marine vessels that may need coverage. They can be categorized by the following:

Hull and Machinery
Yacht and Small Craft

While it can be virtually impossible to predict when a mishap may occur or to avoid one from happening altogether, something that can be done is putting the proper protective measures in place. Having the right policy can ensure that the recovery period following an incident is as swift as possible.