Getting Marine Cargo Insurance Quickly With Fastbond

Dealing with the unforeseen is a large part of the transportation and shipping trade, especially when you are shipping large quantities abroad. That means that insurance is an especially important aspect of this industry, and finding an insurance provider that delivers on all the details in a timely manner is key to any company’s success. With its new platform, called FastBond, Roanoke Insurance continues to show why its offerings lead the industry in providing the best marine cargo protection in a timely and cost-effective way.

The underwriting process requires a great deal of detail and documentation to ensure that risk management is being handled correctly, and the cargo insurance industry is highly regulated to keep this process transparent and fair. By combining cutting-edge networking technology with administrative controls and a fluid end-to-end communication system, this platform cuts down on processing time to put you in control so that you always have bonds issued on time to keep your cargo moving.

With FastBond, Roanoke offers users 24/7 access with electronic notifications to let you know whenever something needs your attention. Combine that with the ability to have managers sign in separately to oversee the process and electronic recordkeeping for easy retrieval, and it will be hard for you to believe there was ever another way to do marine cargo insurance. Try it once, and you will never want your company to go back.

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