Get Complete Marine Coverage Through Merrimac Marine Insurance

The recreational marine industry includes multiple segments that all possess important insurance needs. From boat dealers to marina owners to boat repair services, there are is vast range of insurance requirements. The world of insurance can be confusing and difficult to navigate. However, it is important that you find insurance that meets your expectations and provides complete necessary coverage. Merrimac Marine Insurance is an expert in handling the unique needs of recreational marine insurance customers by pairing them with expert insurance companies that address each client’s specific needs.

Each segment of the industry is at risk for a range of damage from massive storms, unexpected fires, accidents, personal injury or basic human error. As such, it is essential that your company is prepared to cover the costs that result from unexpected catastrophes or mistakes. Merrimac provides the essential coverage to surveyors, retailers and repairers across the industry to ensure that they are not responsible for exorbitant costs. As such Merrimac Marine Insurance can assist marinas and yacht clubs, boat dealerships, boat and yacht dealers, ship repairers, commercial marinas, marine repairers, marine manufacturers, parts and accessories manufacturers, and marine surveyors. Because each of these sectors requires unique coverage that is customized to their needs, Merrimac can quickly pair you with the perfect insurance carrier that meets your individual needs. The marine industry can be unpredictable, and it is important that you have adequate insurance when the unexpected happens.

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