Sexual Misconduct Insurance

Explaining Sexual Misconduct Insurance

Most people don’t know sexual misconduct insurance is available, and even fewer understand who should have the liability protection. Large companies or small businesses can all suffer from problems with an employee who has a wandering hand or a supervisor who makes lewd comments – and that is sexual misconduct under the law.


As with many general insurance liability exclusions, an endorsement can be discussed with your insurance agent, and an added policy can cover some protective features, including:

The endorsement can help with reputation damage and financial costs of both molestation allegations and sexual misconduct concerns.


For businesses, corporations, and small companies, the need for awareness and training about standards of sexual misconduct is important. However, no matter how well-trained staff and employees are, there could still be an allegation about misconduct inside the company. Even with the training, the organization may be at risk of a high liability lawsuit. That is why sexual misconduct insurance is crucial in protecting the organization.


Employers are said to have a duty to keep their employees or staff safe. Employers also have an obligation to protect themselves and their businesses from liability issues in the workplace. To find out what type of misconduct insurance is right for your business, contact your insurance agent today. Reducing the risk of possible financial disaster posed by allegations of misconduct by purchasing insurance coverage is a smart move.