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Drip Marketing Proven Effective by Many Agents

Drip marketing is a direct marketing strategy that involves the process of sending out promotional pieces over a length of time in the hopes of generating sales, or at the very least, prospective leads that you’ve been nurturing during this phase of the campaign.

Most individuals working for an Insurance Marketing Company believe that they need to stay in touch with current and prospective clients in order to eventually get them to make a purchase. After all, there are quite a few competitors out there trying to accomplish the same feat. It can be difficult dividing your time between selling and performing other aspects of your job. The selling part often gets moved to the back burner and this can be very counterproductive.

An effective way to use drip marketing

Perhaps the most effective way to use drip marketing is to consistently do something every month to keep your name in front of your current clients and prospective clients. This can often result in your having a steady amount of business coming in the door on a regular and continual basis. The best thing about an Insurance Marketing Company is that it requires your having a plan of action. By creating a marketing plan and following it throughout the year, you can practically guarantee that you will be consistent with your marketing efforts all year long.

The purpose of drip marketing, or a lead nurturing campaign, is to help you in building relationships with prospects and customers. Lead nurturing is an automated way of keeping your leads engaged with you and your brand while sharing content with them that they will see brings value to their lives.

That type of content will build trust and help move them through the sales funnel. The great thing about the lead nurturing process is that it is automated, which saves you both time and resources. If you’re still undecided about whether a lead nurturing campaign is the right thing for you, take a look at some of the key benefits that it can offer to help you make the determination whether or not it’s something you really should be investing in.

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