Indiana cyber security insurance

Cyber Security: Why You Should Be Insured

Are you doing business in Indiana? Does your business require the use of computers or any other type of technology? If so, you may be at risk for a cyber security breach. You may want to consider Indiana cyber security insurance.

What Is Cyber Security Insurance?

In the event of a cyber security breach, either from within your company, from a vendor, or from a malicious third party, the sensitive information of your company, your employees, your vendors and especially your customers could be compromised, and you may be legally liable. At the very least, you are likely to have costs associated with a security breach. Indiana cyber security insurance is a way to protect your company, your company’s assets and even yourself against losses resulting from a security breach.

What Is Covered by Cyber Security Insurance?

A number of things may be covered, and depending on your exposures and preferences, an individualized package can be created for you. Your cyber security insurance package may include coverage for all or some of the following:

  • Liability associated with slander or libel resulting from a cyber security breach
  • Costs associated with notifying customers of a breach
  • Costs associated with customer support and credit monitoring
  • Liability for privacy breaches
  • Costs associated with forensic investigations to determine the source of the breach

As you can see, there are a number of possible losses that may result from a cyber security breach. This makes your Indiana cyber security insurance an important part of your business’s success.

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