Northstar Insurance

Coverage for Contractors

Contractors help to create structures and implement projects that make an everyday living not only possible but often improved and perfected over the years. Buildings, interior upgrades, and other construction jobs can be attributed to the expertise of these professionals. However, regardless of the numerous contributions, this industry makes nationally and even worldwide, these types of businesses must be wary of certain exposures. For contractors, pollution liability and other considerations must be made at all times to avoid unexpected costly and stressful consequences. By being proactive, these businesses can ensure they stay protected against unnecessary conflicts and risks.

Special Considerations

Because the structures that contractors create are used regularly, the health and safety of everyone involved should be a priority. While the most sophisticated technology and techniques are utilized for these projects, there are some issues that cannot be completely eliminated. However, by taking the necessary precautions and getting an adequate coverage plan, any potential problems can be minimized or avoided altogether, such as:

Physical hazards in extreme working conditions
The demands of operating expensive, highly-specialized equipment

Liability for environmental damage such as a disposal, transportation or mold issues outlined by Northstar Insurance

Contractual liabilities

Especially with work as physically and mentally demanding as the types done in this industry, getting the proper protection early on is imperative.