Restaurant Insurance in Arizona

The Cost of Insuring a Restaurant in Arizona

Starting a new restaurant can be an expensive endeavor. Restaurant Insurance in Arizona is not an area you want to skimp. Liability lawsuits, damaged property and broken equipment can all be covered under an insurance policy designed for your specific needs. Here are some types of insurance you should consider.

  • Property – If you have a mortgage on your business or any equipment, you need property insurance. It protects against fire and other events. Most policies do not cover natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes.
  • Liquor – If you serve alcohol, you need liquor liability coverage. Most states even require insurance if you hold a liquor license. It provides protection for your business in case a customer gets drunk at your establishment and ends up hurting themselves or someone else.
  • Workers Compensation – Most states require that employers carry workman’s’ compensation insurance. This protects you and your employees in the case of an accident.
  • Food Contamination – You policy for Restaurant Insurance in Arizona should cover food contamination. This will cover incidents like food spoilage during a power outage.

Opening a restaurant can be exciting and scary all at once. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the cost of doing business. Make sure you budget for adequate insurance. It is an important expense of doing business.

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