Comprehensive Liability Coverage for All Professional Organizations

Great errors and omissions coverage is distinguished by its comprehensive coverage in a wide range of situations. Professional service firms each provide a slightly different range of services to their valued clients, and have to address a unique spectrum of risk as a result. We can help insurers offer better coverage to these clients with the help of liability insurance for miscellaneous professionals. This coverage is tailored to fit each of our insured clients; we can help you meet the needs of the many professional organizations that require a more dynamic approach to insurance.

This particular liability coverage offers a wide range of professional organizations the same exceptional coverage that is offered through more industry-specific programs. This kind of coverage is ideal for organizations that operate in multiple industries or that provide services that cannot be easily classified; many emerging companies are not adequately served by existing insurance solutions are so seek alternative program offerings.

Our lines of coverage include crises management expenses, IT forensics, patient notification, legal fees, third-party indemnification, and much more. With limits of up $5 million on a primary or excess basis and minimum premiums of just $2,500, we are able to offer the most valuable form of coverage at a very affordable price. This will help you serve your clients even better.

With our industry leading quoting and binding system, we can empower your company with the tools required to offer liability insurance for miscellaneous professionals.

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