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Common Marine Vessel Pollutants Affecting the Ocean

Over the past few decades, ocean pollution awareness has become a high interest for governments across the world. Ocean-going vessels are now subject to a variety of laws, regulations, and liabilities. Using an insurance syndicate brings you a specialist to assess and address your pollution liability.

Oil Spills

Oil spills are one of the biggest causes of marine pollution. From Deepwater Horizon to the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, large-and-small-scale spills have made headlines costing those companies millions in clean-up and litigation.

Shipping Emissions

Sulfur oxides and Nitrogen oxides in the emissions of ships negatively affect the ocean and the ozone layer. Due to the toxic nature of these emissions, countries such as those in Europe have begun to regulate international shipping emissions to lower their health impact on humans.

Waste Pollution

World trade would not be what it is without ocean-going vessels. Different vessels contribute to the pollution of the ocean in different amounts from their liquid and solid waste. Ocean vessel waste includes grey water, paper products, packing and dunnage material, ballast water, cleaning material, and food waste.

Ensuring your marine fleet with an experienced insurance syndicate gives you access to the expertise of nearly five decades of knowledge. A tried and true insurance company that works alongside your business to protect it is invaluable.