Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

Recent statistics indicate that as of 2015, nine out of every ten Americans now have health insurance. This is a massive increase from even five years ago, and undoubtedly a huge relief for the many people who had to live without insurance before. However, for those who are unused to choosing health insurance for themselves, the process of finding the right provider can be daunting. Aegis MGA provides these tips for choosing the right health insurance for you.

Know the Terms

Its important to understand some of the terminology that is used to show the differences between health insurance policies. For example, the co-pay is the amount that the patient is expected to pay out of pocket for each visit to the doctor, and the deductible is the maximum amount the insurance will pay during a given period. Pay close attention to these numbers, as they can vary greatly from policy to policy.

Know What Plan Type You Want

Health insurance policies are also divided into different types. Health Savings account plans allow you to save money towards your deductible that you havent spent and use it at a later time. HMO and PPO plans both allow members to choose health care providers from a network, but PPO plans often have more options available.

Aegis MGA provides multiple health insurance solutions for individuals, families and groups. Call today for a quote.