Types of Staff for Assisted Living Facilities Workers Compensation

Assisted living facilities are generally a precursor to nursing facilities, in that the residents maintain their own homes and are relatively free from needing routine care. However, assisted living facilities employ a wider variety of staff, as these more able-bodied residents often have similar accouterments as those of a small town within their locale. Therefore, […]

Nursing Home Insurance Can Afford Protection to Both Staff and Patients

Nursing home insurance MGA (managing general agent) is an important part of ensuring your facility remains covered under an abundance of circumstances. A dependable policy will not only provide protections for both patients and staff, but also afford coverage for damaged equipment and other expenses. Insurance Plans Must Include Many Features Having comprehensive coverage in […]

Quality Insurance for Nursing Homes: Why it Matters

America’s demographics are in an interesting period of transition in several regards, not the least of which is the combined effect of the aging baby boomer population and increased life expectancy. Nursing homes and other senior living facilities must take measures to ready themselves for these changes, and one important element of this preparation is […]